#Shoelove goodies

Second Chance v2I have lots of ‪#‎shoelove‬ goodies to give away in a competition, starting around the build up to the launch of The Second Chance Shoe Shop, at the beginning of April. There will be a chance to win one of three goodie bags filled with lots of nice things and even four bespoke products made just for the launch.

The Second Chance Shoe Shop has already been getting some great reviews and I’m so pleased. I’ve had the added reaction that people who know me as Mel Sherratt have been so excited that I’ve written a book about one of my passions, i.e. shoes! How well do they know me!

You can preorder the ebook if you want to read about Riley, Sadie and Dan, and the paperback version will be available mid April.  

Here are a couple of comments I received yesterday re Twitter:

Dan’s love life is really rather challenging. I like his inclusion in the story.

Needed a pick me up. What lovely friends and I want to cuddle Sadie’s adorable daughter.She is so cute and her interaction with Sadie’s friends is so lovely. Excuse me. Pulls out hankie.

You should definitely read it, it was excellent. But I warn you, you’ll need tissues at the end!



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