It’s all about the #shoelove

At the moment, I’m being kept awake by a restless mind. From two until three am last night, I lay in bed while a swirl of thoughts were looping around inside my head as I am writing my next book.

Yesterday, as I feel we have bypassed winter again this year, I decided to put away my boots in the loft and get down my summer shoes. On doing this, I noticed a suitcase that I hadn’t looked in for a while, so I dragged that down too. I opened it up to find about twelve pairs of shoes, mostly high heels.

I’ve had to get rid of a fair few of my heels because of a back problem from a fall I had years ago, and at the moment, I am more the Queen of Flats. So I was so excited to see them because I thought I had thrown them all away!


Last night as I lay in bed unable to sleep, it occurred to me that the photo I took is similar to what my mind looks like right now… jam-packed, mixed-up, in no partiSecond Chance v2cular order, thinking of plots and subplots, and hope that I might get to wear some of them again, even if it is just from the car to the pub! 

You see, it’s all about the shoes…

My latest novel, The Second Chance Shoe Shop is on preorder for 8 April.

From the beginning of April, I will be running a competition to win lots of #shoelove goodies too. 



2 thoughts on “It’s all about the #shoelove

    1. There are some ridiculously high ones, Steph. Trouble is, my younger inner shoe goddess couldn’t resist any of them! Couldn’t walk in many of them for long, but that’s another story…

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