The Second Chance Shoe Shop Competition – Day 3

The competition is going well with over 50 entries so far. To recap, to celebrate the publication of The Second Chance Shoe Shop this Friday, I’m giving three people the chance to win an exclusive goodie bag.

Included in the goodie bags are:

The Second Chance Shoe Shop tote bag
A signed copy of Stirred with Love, That’s What Friends are For and The Second Chance Shoe Shop
The Second Chance Shoe Shop notepad
Jimmy Choose cocktail flavoured sweets, handmade by Wee Sweeties.
Pink Peeptoe nail varnish, created by Ard as Nails.
Foot cream by Arbonne
Sultry Sherratt body scrub, created by Soap Dodger
Shoelove Badges
Keep calm and Carry On Buying Shoes fridge magnet
Chocolate flowers and mini love hearts

So, what do you need to do to be in with a chance to win?

For the next two weeks, I would like to see photos of your shoes. Each day, at midday, I will put out a different category here on my blog. If you are on Twitter, please include the hashtag #shoelove. The hashtag must be included so that we can keep a record of all entries. If you are on Facebook, post the picture on my facebook page. I have a record of it then.

My beautiful Ugg boots

I’m choosing a different theme every day so that everyone can join in. You can also use the same photo on different days. Today I’d like you to see photos of

beautiful boots.

They can be high heels or flats, anything you choose. Please use the hashtag #shoelove. And if you have room, tell me why they are your favourites.

As well as this, there will be spot prizes for anyone who retweets any of my tweets on Twitter during the next two weeks.

Also there will be spot prizes for photos I like, but these will not be revealed until 15 April too. (This way, everyone can come back on one day to see if they have won.) I’d like to do this with shares on Facebook, for anyone who shares a post, but I’m not sure how to keep a record of this when someone else might share that post. So for fairness, it will be retweets on Twitter because I can see these. I will be giving spot prizes out on Facebook too.

General rules:

1. This competition is open to anyone worldwide, providing the hashtag #shoelove is included in the tweets and on Facebook posts.
2. My decision on the winners is final, and will be decided by my love of shoes.
3. You do not have to buy The Second Chance Shoe Shop to enter, but please do as you will love it…
4. The main purpose of the competition is to have fun and share the love of shoes.
5. Spot prizes will be awarded as and when and at my discretion. Winners will be notified on 15 April.
6. You don’t have to post the same photos twice on both Facebook and Twitter. Just the once will do.

The competition will finish on Friday 15 April at 7pm (British time) where I will announce all three winners of the goodie bags. I do hope you will join in with the #shoelove and have some fun.

I’m on Twitter at @marcie_steeele and I’m on Facebook here

There will be a blog tour starting on Friday too:




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